Programme 24 : Cutaneous Cancers and Cutaneous Lymphomas

Programme 24 : Cutaneous Cancers and Cutaneous Lymphomas


Pr Céleste LEBBÉ, is professor of dermatology at Université Paris Cité, head of the skin cancer center at Saint-Louis Hospital, member of the Saint-Louis Research Institute, Inserm Unit U976 HIPI (Human Immunology, Pathophysiology, Immunotherapy), heavily invested in clinical and translational research on melanoma, and virus-induced skin cancers.
She was appointed Deputy Medical Director of the AP-HP Cancer Institute AP-HP. Nord – Université Paris Cité.

Dr Florence BRUNET-POSSENTI, is head of the oncodermatology unit at Bichat hospital. She has been working in the department of dermatology since 2014. Her main areas of expertise are melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer as well as skin toxicities related to anticancer therapies. Her research focuses on the implication of human papillomaviruses in skin cancer.


Christelle MOKA

P24 chiffres cutaneous cancer


Cancer Care

Skin cancer are managed in 2 departments (Saint-Louis Hospital and Bichat Hospital) of Dermatology.
Saint-Louis hospital has a structure dedicated to outpatient management of skin cancers: the Dermato-oncology department.
All types of skin cancer (melanoma, carcinoma, cutaneous sarcoma and lymphoma) are referred and discussed in Multidisciplinary Tumor Board (MTB) with common guidelines.
Each department manages on site surgical, medical (immunotherapy, target therapy and chemotherapy) and palliative treatment.
Saint-Louis hospital has a non-invasive cutaneous imaging platform with videodermoscopy used in patients with high risk of melanoma.
Saint-Louis hospital coordinates at national level 3 bio banks (melanoma, lymphoma and rare carcinoma) and develops active translational research and basic research.
Both centers enroll patients in phase 3 trials.
Saint-Louis has developed access to innovative therapies in phase 1 and 2.
There are strong interactions between these two departments of Dermatology (Saint-Louis and Bichat) for the patients with a common toxicity multidisciplinary board, enrollment in early trials and a recourse multidisciplinary board.



  • 5 MDT meetings (weekly) and 1 Tumor molecular Board (monthly)
  • Recourse national MDT
    • SLS and BCH actively participates to the following national MDT for rare skin tumors on a monthly or every 2 months basis
    • CARADERM: Rare cutaneous carcinoma ( mostly for adnexal tumors
    • VIROGREF: rare cutaneous cancers in transplant recipients (
    • GFELC: cutaneous lymphoma (


  • 1 Clinical Research Coordinator: 11 trials as national coordinator and 1 trail as international coordinator
  • Solid tumors2 PHRC K (2014 KADIG 2019 SONIMEL),
    1 PRTK (2015 PREDIMEL),
    1 CRC (HLADIVICI CRC 2020) ,
    1 CLIIP (OPTIMUMCLIIP-INCa NCT02202200 2015-2017)
  • Cutaneous lymphomas3 PHRC-K (Diapremyf, Cutallo, PHRC-K2014 ; Totem, PHRC-K 2019)


  • INSERM U976 Saint Louis hospital, HIPI  Institut de Recherche SLS: Team 1 (inside team 1 team leader for the melanoma task force : Nicolas Dumaz):  Dr Nicolas Dumaz, Pr Samia Mourah, Pr Celeste Lebbé, Pr Nicole Basset seguin, Dr Julie Delyon, Pr Maxime Battistella
  • UMR_S970: Pr TARTOUR Eric – Immunothérapie et traitement anti-angiogénique en cancérologie
  • Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH et CNG-IG-CEA: Jean-François Deleuze
  • UMR 1186: Dr Fathia Chouaib – Immunologie intégrative des tumeurs et immunothérapie du cancer
  • CRCL – INSERM UMR1052 – CNRS 5286: S Dalle and J Caramel Équipe EMT et plasticité des cellules cancéreuses
  • INSERM UMR 1137, Bichat Hospital: IAME Equipe DeSCID, Pr Diane Descamps, Pr Charlotte Charpentier, Dr Brunet-Possenti. Research area : Cutaneous HPV infection
  • INSERM U976 HIPI, Saint-Louis Hospital: Team 1 (team leader: Dr Anne Marie Cardine): Dr Anne Marie-Cardine, Pr Céleste Lebbé, Pr Samia Mourah, Pr Maxime Battistella



  • INSERM U976 HIPI, Saint-Louis Hospital, Institut de Recherche SLS: Team 2 (team leader: Pr Jean-David Bouaziz): Pr Jean-David Bouaziz, Dr Laurence Michel
  • INSERM U1160, Saint-Louis Hospital: Team leader – Pr Antoine Toubert/Dr Hélène Moins-Teisserenc
  • INSERM U955, Henri-Mondor Hospital: Team Philippe Gaulard/Nicolas Ortonne – Dr Jérôme Giustiniani, Pr Nicolas Ortonne


At the national level, the teams participate to national congresses and drafts recommendations of national scope. At the international level, CME in international congresses can be mentioned (EADO every year, ESMO 2018, EADV 2021, SCOPE 2020) as well as the coordination and writing of European guidelines (ESMO, EADO). In addition to this, we also give courses and organize national and international congresses (JDP, EADO 2019, ESDO every year).

Cutaneous lymphomas:

Organization of meetings

The EORTC Cutaneous Lymphoma Group meetings 2014 (Paris) and 2021 (Marseille) hosted by SLS.