Program 21 : Endocrine Cancer

Program 21 : Endocrine Cancer



Discovering endocrine cancers during her endocrinology internship, she made it the subject of its medical thesis. Then she continued to train herself to obtain the double certification of endocrine oncology.

She was a rare thyroid cancer network doctor TUTHYREF in Gustave Roussy. For about fifteen years, She’s been caring for patients with all types of endocrine cancers: thyroid cancer (differentiated thyroid cancer, medullary thyroid cancer and anaplastic thyroid cancer), neuroendocrine tumor of any primary, adrenocortical surrenaloma and paraganglioma.

Its research fields are mainly in thyroid cancer with first goal to improve quality of life of patient with this kind of cancer.

Pr Jean-François GAUTIER

Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Lariboisière Hospital, University of Paris Cité

Jean-François Gautier is Professor of Medicine and the Head of the Endocrinology and Diabetes Department at Lariboisière Hospital, Université Paris Cité, Paris, France in which has been settled in 2013 a multidisciplinary ambulatory centre dedicated to diabetes.

He is also deputy director in the research group entitled “metabolic inflammation in diabetes and its complications” at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale, INSERM U1138), Institut Necker des Enfants Malades (INEM), Paris.

From his main principal research interests, in the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes, he is also involved in thyroid cancer diagnosis. He joined the PATIO multidisciplinary board on Immune toxicities induced by checkpoints inhibitors (from Université Paris Cité , headed by Prof. C. Lebbé), focusing his interest on thyroid auto-immune adverse events, and de novo severe insulin-requiring diabetes, in patients with cancer treated by immune checkpoints inhibitors.

He has published over 200 papers and contributed to 14 handbooks. He is president of the French Speaking Diabetes Society (SFD) and the director of the Diabetes Institute of Université Paris Cité.

P21 - Endocrine Cancer


Cancer Care:

Our team is part of the national TUTHYREF (refractory thyroid tumors) rare thyroid cancer network, which gathers 28 French expert centers with national multidisciplinary tumor boards, and to the RENATEN rare Neuroendocrine Tumor French network.

Our activity is essentially dedicated to thyroid cancers and our multidisciplinary team is composed of endocrinologists, medical oncologists, surgeons and specialists in nuclear medicine. We also participate to the diagnosis and follow-up of rarer tumors such as adrenal primitive tumors (adrenocortical carcinoma, pheochromocytoma or paranganglioma), or tumors of the pineal region, along with neuro-surgeons, visceral surgeons and radiotherapists. We are involved in the management of endocrine immune-related adverse events occurring during immunotherapy, such as dysthyroism, adrenal insufficiency or diabetes, and participate to the immunotoxicity multidisciplinary board “PATIO” of the Cancer Institute AP-HP Nord.


Basic science:

  • Institut Necker des Enfants Malades (INEM), INSERM, Université Paris Cité, Immunity and Metabolism in Diabetes (IMMEDIAB) Laboratory


Pr. JF. Gautier is a full professor of endocrinology at Université Paris Cité and gives courses on thyroid carcinoma diagnosis to second and third cycle medical students.

Dr. C. Chougnet is a medical oncologist and also participates to the courses given to medical student from Université Paris Cité on thyroid carcinomas and other endocrine cancers.