Programme 17 : Geriatric oncology

Programme 17 : Geriatric oncology


Pr Agathe RAYNAUD-SIMON, is geriatrician and nutritionist, head of the Geriatrics Department at Bichat – Claude-Bernard, Beaujon, Bretonneau (ambulatory) hospitals, Professor of Geriatrics at the Université Paris Cité and President of the “Liaison Alimentation-Nutrition (CLAN) » Committee of the AP-HP.

Dr Virginie FOSSEY-DIAZ, is geriatrician, with a board certification in oncogeriatrics, head of the geriatrics department at the Bretonneau hospital and palliative care (at both Bichat – Claude-Bernard  and Bretonneau hospitals). She is co-pilot of a Coordination Unit in Oncogeriatrics, called “UCOG Paris Nord (Unités de Coordination en Oncogériatrie)”, since its creation in 2012 with the Professor Stéphane Culine, oncologist.


Rachida QABBAL,
Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)
P17 key numbers


Cancer Care:

  • Carry out a multi-domain geriatric assessment (pathologies other than cancer, impact on functional and nutritional status, etc.) and discuss with oncologists (in MDT meetings, in particular) on the treatments proposed for cancer (risks of poor adherence, complications and decompensation of comorbidities) and to propose/prescribe care for other pathologies. This is done by: dedicated geriatric consultations, ward geriatrics opinion, participation in MDT meetings.
  • Offer a Perioperative Rehabilitation Program.
  • Hospitalizations in Palliative Care.
  • Hospitalizations in geriatric acute care or rehabilitation.

Consultation or advice during hospitalization, patient follow-up care (by both: Medical and Advanced Practice Nurse)

  • Communication skills: providing information to the general public (open days, leaflets…)
  • Quality audits: HAS (on MDTs), Delays for support in breast cancers


  • Development of research in Oncogeriatrics (medical, paramedical, human sciences, social sciences), engagement to include patients in several clinical trials.
  • Collaborations with: NORDICAP (Pr Aparicio), UCOG Paris Centre and Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM at Université Paris Cité (Pr Paillaud), SOFOG, PHRC, SLS-Avicennes


  • Dedication to provide training to health care professionals who interact with this population (the elderly) in order to build awareness of any sign that may suggest a cancer disease, with the major aim of improving the care pathway.
  • Faculty: coordination of an Inter-University Diploma in Digestive Oncology, participation of education in Masters, Board Certification in oncogeriatrics, etc.