Programme 12 : Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology

Programme 12 : Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology


Pr Valérie PARADIS, MD PhD and Professor in Pathology, is the chairman of Pathology department (Beaujon hospital) and leader of the INSERM team « From inflammation to neoplasia in digestive diseases » (INSERM UMR 1149, Paris). Her field of research include pathological and molecular aspects of chronic liver diseases and tumorigenesis with a specific interest in tumor heterogeneity. She is coordinating a collaborative FHU project MOSAIC aiming to identify imaging signatures “Imagomics” through integration of radiological and histological features and Artificial intelligence. She is a member of International groups of liver pathologists, Scientific commissions Research Institutes (INSERM, ANRS). She contributed to WHO Classification of Digestive Tumors and Clinical Practice Guidelines (Benign liver tumors & Occupational Liver Diseases).

Pr François ROUZET, MD PhD is the Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department at Bichat Hospital, Head of the preclinical imaging platform and Professor of Nuclear Medicine and Biophysics at Université Paris Cité. His research activities range from preclinical development of imaging agents, cardiovascular hybrid PET/MR, to clinical nuclear imaging. He authored >100 peer-reviewed articles mainly in the domains of myocardial perfusion, cardiac amyloidosis and infective endocarditis.


Sévérine MOYNAT
P12Diagnostic Imaging & pathology


Cancer Care:

Imaging plays a key role in the management of patients with cancer involved at each step of the disease and patient management: Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up. Imaging is also involved in cancer prevention and early detection with specific programs dedicated to liver, lung, breast and cutaneous tumors. DIP is an interdisciplinary project supported by the DMU DREAM (coordinator N. Siauve), which regroups all teams dedicated to imaging (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Pathology) present on the different sites of AP-HP. Nord in close collaboration with clinical and physiology dpts.

Patient recruitment for imaging activity (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Pathology) is mainly achieved through the on-site clinical teams. Specific activity performed by some imaging dpts is shared for all patients from AP-HP. Nord according to the type of equipment and expertise required. In addition, specific recruitment for patients outside AP-HP. Nord (Ile-de-France and outside) is set up as follows:

  • Beaujon Nuclear Medicine: Radionuclide therapy [Neuro-endocrine tumors (177Lu-Dotatate), Prostate cancer (177Lu-PSMA), Radio-embolisation (Primary liver malignancies (Yttrium)] ; PET/CT (Public-Private partnership (GCS) between AP-HP and ELSAN group).


  • Beaujon Radiology : Participation to HOPE: One day diagnosis for liver and pancreatic malignant tumors (V. Vilgrain & A. Sauvanet).


  • Bichat Nuclear Medicine 68Ga-DOTATOC and 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT, F-DOPA PET/MR in primary and secondary brain tumors, Sentinel lymph node detection.


  • Lariboisiere: Neuro-oncology (Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild and Hôpital René Dubos);


Relectures, expertise

Imaging dpts are involved in review of all external cases presented at the MDT meetings (MDT cancer).

In addition, they receive consultation cases from outside AP-HP. Nord mainly within the context of regional and national networks.


  • 1 IHU: THEMA

Basic science: 6 teams

  • INSERM UMR 1149 – Centre de Recherche sur l’inflammation
  • INSERM UMR 1152 – PHERE Physiopathologie et Epidémiologie des maladies respiratoires
  • INSERM 1148 – LVTS
  • INSERM UMR 976 – HIPI « human immunology, pathophysiology and immunotherapies »
  • UMR 965 – Laboratoire carcinose, angiogenèse et recherche translationnelle CART
  • UMR 1141 – NeuroDiderot


DIP is highly involved in teaching thanks to the academic staff who performs educational duties towards medical students and clinical/imaging practioners. All imaging dpts participate to weekly medical staff on site and EPU dedicated to their own discipline (Imaging & Pathology). On behalf of the DMU DREAM and FHU MOSIAC, weekly webinars and monthly radiopathological correlations meetings are organized. Some members chair master degree, are involved in regional or national teaching in cancer imaging, radionuclide therapy and are involved in CNU of their discipline.