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As a major player in the field of oncology in the Ile-de-France region, the Cancer Institute AP-HP. Nord – Université Paris Cité brings together the hemato-oncological care, research, and education activities of seven hospitals, all located in the north of Paris and making up the university hospital group AP-HP. Nord – Université Paris Cité, along with the Université Paris Cité.

The Cancer Institute develops reference activities in bone marrow transplantation, cell therapies (CAR-T), immunotherapy, and early-phase clinical trials, to provide patients with the highest level of care and to achieve excellence in cancer research. It promotes the pooling of knowledge, skills, and resources between hospitals.

One institute, one university, seven hospitals. Our commitment:

To work hand in hand to provide you the best cancer care

Our hospitals

Beaujon Hospital

The university hospital group AP-HP. Nord – Université Paris Cité, founded on July 1, 2019, encompasses the AP-HP university hospitals located in the northern part of Paris: Beaujon, Bichat – Claude-Bernard, Bretonneau, Lariboisière – Fernand-Widal, Louis-Mourier, Robert-Debré, Saint-Louis.

It represents one of the largest hospital complexes of the AP-HP, with more than 3,900 beds, 300,000 hospital stays, 1,300,000 consultations, and 460,000 emergency room visits in 2019–2020.

More than 19,000 professionals work there, of whom 15,000 are paramedical, administrative, logistical, and technical professionals, and 4,000 are senior internal and external physicians. The budget for this new entity represents 1.7 billion euros.

Europe’s leading hospital and university center, the AP-HP and its 38 hospitals are organized into six university hospital groups and are articulated around five universities in the Ile-de-France region. Closely linked to major research organizations, the AP-HP has eight world-class university hospital institutes and the largest  french data warehouse in health

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As a university conducting intensive multidisciplinary research and awarded the « Initiative of Excellence » label, Université Paris Cité has reached the highest international level thanks to its research, the diversity of its training programs, its support to innovation, and its active contribution to the construction of the European research and training area.

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